The Meet-up with Jeff (Jane's POV) Edit

Hi. My name is Jane Arkansas. The first time I saw Jeffrey Woods was when I was walking down the road. There he was, a peach boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a white hoodie and some jeans and sneakers. His handsomeness stunned me. He looked and me and grinned. I had a sorta bad felling about that grin. A few months later, that all changed... he got burned and now he looks like the devil. His skin is a leathery white color, his hair reaches his shoulders and it's raven black, but the worst part is his eyes. They were still blue, but there were no eyelids. I haven't even gotten to the worst part. There was a devilish smile carved into his face. He.. he isn't the teenage boy I fell in love with anymore. Soon would I learn I would fall into his terrible trap and regret it for the rest of my life...

I'm Sorry (Jeff's POV) Edit

Tonight was the night. Tonight was the night I would finally make Jane beautiful like me. As I stared out the window at Jane walking towards the house, I grinned larger than my carved-in smile. She will be beautiful like me... As she walked in i immediately jumped in front of her, giving her a scare. I threw bleach on her and... lit her on fire. As I heard her last scream, I muttered, "Go to sleep". I walked away and cried, "I'm sorry, Jane..."

Falling in Love with My Enemy (Jane's POV) Edit

Jeff will pay for what he did to me. Sure, he sent a "care package" to me which included a mask with sewed lace over the eye sockets and a black feminine smile. He also sent me a nice black dress. Stop it, Jane. he's your enemy! I thought. But I didn't care. I changed my name, too. My name is now Jane Everlasting. Anyways, I saw Jeff a few weeks after the incident. We both stared at each other, me staring into his never blinking blue eyes and him staring into my obsidian sewed lace eyes. Suddenly, Jeff whispered in my ear, "You're beautiful..." Then, he kissed me. I kissed him back for what felt like eternity. We both broke the kiss. "What was that for, Jeff?" I asked him. "I... love you... Jane..." he whispered in my ear again. He finally brought me in a kiss again.

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