It was a hot, humid night as I returned from a friend's house after a day of shopping, checking out a bunch of guys I wanted to pin in the sack, and watching and laughing at a pay-per-view of Justin Bieber in concert, now it was the perfect end to the perfect night. I turned on the TV to watch some shows on Teen NICK. Nothing in particular, just something to watch other than America's Got Talent, which my sister was a big fan of.

After what seemed like an eternity of commercials and previews for a new season of Fright House Screamers, which has not aired for over 13 years, I heard the sound of rain hitting against my window, followed by thunder rumbling violently in the skies. I went to my DirecTV  menu and selected Weather on Demand, checking out the forecast. From what I saw, there was a severe thunderstorm warning issued through out a few counties.

All of a sudden, the station I was watching issued an Emergency Broadcast, as request by the National Weather service in the event of a tornado or thunderstorm. Pretty mandatory, I thought. No problem. My parents were asleep and the storm didn't bother them. Well, Hell, I was used to storms. It was the serious-sounding male voice of the EAS that bothered me, not the weather. If anything, my house had a basement for just such an emergency if a tornado ever did hit. So I didn't have to worry about anything.

Forty-Five minutes later, the station issued another warning, but the voice was different. Instead of a serious-sounding male voice, the gender of the speaker changed, but with the same seriousness. It was a woman speaking, but the words she said were totally unrelated to the warning and were not sent from the National Weather Service... This is what she said: 

comming for you Bitch. Trust m


What the fuck? Did someone hack satellite transmission? The next thing I remember seeing in the TV test pattern were the words displayed in a bold black font: "TURN AROUND." And standing behind me was an ivory-skinned woman with black eyes, shiny black hair, and dressed in all black. She was beautiful, but the sight of her made my blood run cold. The last thing I saw was the flash of a machete blade.

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