I believe it was January. My friend, Anna, and I were walking home from school. We usually walk the same route every day, but today we walked a different way. We walked behind the high school and through the forest. On this particular day, there was no one else walking on the trail. We love chasing bunnies and stuff, so when we saw a shadow we ran after it. It wasn't a bunny. We don't know what it was. We just know that it was eating something. We ran after it and it ran away with a bone in its mouth. Then we walked up to what it's eating. There, in a puddle of blood, was a skeleton. Not just any skeleton. A human skeleton. I knew this because I was going to be a doctor. We called 911. They were just like "Its probably just an animals skeleton". We never figured out what that shadow was. And we will never know. All we know is that it's still out there, in the woods behind the old high school.

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