(Please note that this is my first story any suggestions would be a great help)

'You fucking piece of shit do you know what you did.' 'Great' thought Daniel 'moms going on one of her yelling fits' he sighed as he continued to read expecting this to blow over, what he didn't expect was to hear was the loud thump and the stopping of his sisters crying he looked at his brother with a worried expression 'Stay here somethings wrong' Daniel whispered to his eight year old brother Aston. He sneaked down the stairs and saw his mother just cooking with a bright smile while his 6 year old older sister Susan lying in a pool of blood with a dent in the wall where there was a good size dent in the cheaply made wall. Daniel rushed over to his younger sister grabbed his phone dialing 911 while starring at his mother with a expression filled with rage and fury. Soon after this they were sent to a foster care

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