I would love to look at the pain in your face as I whipped you over and over with a whip of your own mother's skin. I would savor the pain upon your face as I pull each and every lock of hair all over your body with rusty, hot tweezers. Then I'll disembowl you and strangle you with your own intestines, but before you die I'll untie your neck and beat you with a hardcover copy of twilight and then, if you're lucky I'll actually drown you in a bathtub of your own blood and feces. No then I'll tie you to a chair and force you to stare at your own monstrosity you pathetic Nazi fetishish.

This is all you deserve in life, Mr Angry dog. 22:25, December 20, 2014 (UTC) I am Me 


this   makes   no  sense to me   what  so  ever   He   burns   Jane  and   tried  to  kill  her  even  tho  she   was  only  trying   to  help  him   and     he  killed  his  and   her  family   and   then gives  her  a wig  and  a dress and   flowers and a sharp  knife      this   is  so  confusing   what  did  she  do to  deserve   to be  burned     with  her  dead  parents   

Jeff     if  you  ever   do   exist  in this  world  of  ours     please    tell  me  the  reason  for all  of this   and  dont  kill me 16:50, December 12, 2016 (UTC)Amber

Maybe you should read your work over before posting it since it doesn't make sense at all. I mean it fucking confusing in trying to understand what happening and the reason why she ends up changing skin color or losing all her hair. I mean I pretty sure she will have some hair left and a huge burnt scar on her body somewhere. This is scary because of the writing and horrible story planning. Also, there is no way people actually believe this person is real. I mean you have to be an idiot to believe this person is real and can kill you. I mean fiction stay fiction not try to make it seem like it actually happening in the world right now.  I mean if she was real I would be more scared of her fainting all over the place like a weirdo. I mean no one should faint that much unless they have a weak body or something like that.  That all I can say about this since I rather talk about how you could fix this thing you call a back story for a "killer of justice". There a thing called research.

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