Journal log 15:

I, Tailor Bio, are going to avenge Fredrick Bio, my beloved brother, by killing Jeff the Killer. I know he is still in the woods he was earlier because Jeff had not yet killed many people here. I alerted the police of his current location. They know he must be killed on sight. Let's hope for the best. 

Journal log 16: 

Rats! Jeff has killed all of the police that I sent. Now no more want to go there, because he had literally killed ten police officers with no struggle. I have decided to try another approach. I alerted the swat team of Jeff's location. Certainly he can not take out the twenty swat members. 

Journal log 17: 

Wow. Apparently he had killed the twenty swat members! How?! How can one man kill that many trained members with little struggle. I have decided to try something out. I will alert one cop of Jeff's location and spy on the battle, seeing what type of threat I'm dealing with. 

Journal log 18: 

This man is powerful. He had easily killed the cop. I had seen. He almost saw me. I barely escaped. That's it! I'm gonna take him out myself. I will wear my ski mask and bring my pistol to take him out. 

Journal log 19:

That was very intense. I couldn't take him and barely escaped. He had cut off my finger. I will take him out another way. 

Journal log 20: 

I've sent an assassin to kill Jeff, which of course, Jeff had killed. Why won't he die?! I'm gonna get him killed one way or the other.

Journal log 21: 

UNBELIEVABLE! I sent thirty assassins, which I don't even have enough money to pay off, any Jeff killed them ALL! That's it! If you want something done right you do it yourself! I'm killing him even if I have to die in the process!

Journal log 22: 

This is Chief Logan of the local police department. I must inform that Tailor Bio has been murdered by Jeff the Killer. This man really wanted Jeff dead. He has would have done everything in his power to kill Jeff no matter who had to die. I'm kind of glad he is dead, so he didn't go insane and instead died in honor. I was told directly by the president himself to kill Jeff. He is too dangerous to be kept alive and if he's not killed more people will die! I'm going to take you down, Jeff the Killer. 

This is part of the Vs Jeff the Killer series. If you want to see more, check out Chief Logan vs Jeff the Killer.

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