in 1998, When i was Kid, Me and Stella alway's had Something Common, Edit

i tried Ask her by what's Wrong, She Felt bad Feeling right inside,

She Spoke this Out verytime, " Shh.....Don't Ask.... Go Too... Sleep"

I wonder what makes her Feeling to Act like this, She Ever Had a Family ever Since i Found her in a Old House with Two Teenagers Also a Two parents were dead , I realized That was her Family,

I didn't think a Seond About that, " Stella....., is that your Family that was cover in blood that were Dead?"

" hahaha.... Well Yes.... I Don't care about them Anymore, they Hurt my life!!!"

" Stella....., Don't act like this,it will make more maddness at you"

" you Don't understand,"

Something Didn't seem Right, Her Face alway's White With Wide Mouth with no Lip on it, it's like she cut her Lips and Wided her Mouth, Her Eye Lids, Whole Eye,eyes lashes were Burn Off,

I was Thinking, she needed a Doctor but i won't be good, i know she had Knife, she uses to kill someone that she wishes to kill,


I Brush My teeth and Went bed, iam Scared of Something like Some maddness with Nightmare came

in to Darkness in my Room, Stella Came to My room, She was Going to Stab the Heck Out of me,

" Stella, What in World Are you Doing that?!"

" Shh..... Verything will be alright, Just GO TO SLEEP!!!!"

She Lock that door and Window Show Fast that i didn't even make it in time, This is Worse that even Notice for Second,

i think this is Nightmare of Stella, i know Something about her After She Become Murder when she was Child,

I Do not want be her Next Kill,

Something Wanted me to not go near around her,

So i Woke up with horrorble Shock,

Stella was Still There on that corner, that scares Me More i Ever Felt Before,

" Hi..... Jess, you.. WOuld ever been awaken in First place,"

" what are you saying, i thought this is a Dream"

"not Really, Now... GO TO SLEEP!!!!"

She kill me as you Bleed To death, i thought she was My FIrend, i think she was not at all,

I faded away, i think ti just dream or something,

( Please this is Not Part 1, this a Story of my oc Stella the killer, Her firend Jess is killed"

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