This is the story of Mary.Liu had a wife and a child named Mary.Liu liked to tell stories about how he survived the attack of the woods family.One day Mary was in her room sleeping,Jeff the killer was at her window every night.One night she saw Jeff at her window and she screamed, a boy named Mike heard her from next door.That is how she met Mike,Jeff the killer was gone and Mike calmed her down and let her stay at his house for a while.His mother said that she could stay but she has to go home at 3 o'clock.While his mother was cooking us a meal, his sister Ann was shy and was hiding behind the wall.Mary said it's okay to come out.Ann came out and screamed because she heard Jeff say Go to sleep.Mike and Mary turned around and screamed.They all three ran to Ann's room.They played cards there until 3 o'clock.This was the time she had to leave put on her shoes and her coat and go home.She went back in to her room and went to sleep.Every day at school she meets Mike at the playground. A friend of Mike's named Bobby who also played with Mary and Mike on the playground.

10 years later..... they were 18 by now.This was the story of how Jeff the killer died.They were all in the living room of her house when she saw Jeff.She closed the curtains so she didn't have to look at him.She gave knifes to everybody.She went in her room found a box under the bed and a gun in it which she hides.She made traps.She locked doors, hammered windows.Then that night she made a tent, got a flashlight and turned off the lights.She turn on the flashlight as everybody went in the tent with their own pillow and blanket.Jeff found a way in and dodged all the traps.Soon Ann and Bobby were murdered by Jeff.Mike and Mary escaped him and went to a woman's house.The woman's name was Sally.Sally was a skilled sword man. She wielded two swords and a gun.She said that her dad taught her how to use a sword and gun.All three of them went out on the street.As Jeff ran towards them, Mike went behind him and stabbed him, but it took more than that to kill him.Mary shot him in the leg and Sally chopped his head off.

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