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Author's Note: This pasta is where the original story left off. Please read that first, or you may be confused with this version.


Liu thought, his brother killed his own parents! Who's next? He wondered

Liu stared into his brothers eyes hoplessly and jeff stared back evily

“Jeff, you don’t have to do this, bro.”

“But I want to.”

Liu knew he had to stand up for himself. He grabbed hold of the knife’s handle and kicked Jeff hardly in the chest. Jeff, now gasping for air stood up. “Now Liu, let’s make this easy.”

“No!” Liu yelled, “I’m not going to die playing hide-and-seek!”

“Then you leave me no choice!”

Jeff, whose mind had hit the wall ran up to Liu and kicked him hardly in the shin. Liu fell down heavy, clutching his bruised leg. He stood up with his fists aimed, swung them at Jeff but Jeff ducked and instead ripped the knife from Liu. Now seeing that Jeff was armed, Liu backed up to the wall, thinking of a way of escape, but no sooner Jeff lunged at him.

Jeff cut into Liu’s side, causing Liu to let out a shrill scream. Jeff cornered Liu, and now holding a bloody knife, Jeff slashed out at Liu and put a good-sized gash in his left cheek. Blood freely flowed from Liu’s wound, but he had no time to whimper, Jeff had now lunged at him yet again. This time, he lashed at Liu’s stomach but Liu dodged Jeff and wacked him in the side of his head.

“I just love the feeling of pain,” Jeff started as he stared into his brother’s scared eyes, “and it may hurt you, but not me!” After giving out his speech, Jeff thrust his knife into Liu’s ear, but Liu backed up to the wall and grabbed his lava lamp. He swung it into the side of Jeff’s face, sending oil and shards of broken glass showering over Jeff’s face. The glass cut into Jeff’s face, while the oil sunk deep into the wounds and burnt Jeff.

“If you were really my brother,” begun Liu, “then you wouldn’t be doing this.”

“Exactly,” Jeff said coldly as he cornered Liu. “I’m not your brother, I’m a serial killer.”

Liu sunk into deep thought at hearing this. He backed up even further into the corner, staring into Jeff’s eyes.

“You lost, Liu,” Jeff tut-tutted as he closed in on him. “You have lost.”

And then he killed him.

Jeff felt no sadness or remorse at all; he stood there and watched his brother as he died.

“Sorry, Liu, but I had to.”

Soon, Liu lay there on the ground, dead. Blood pooled his broken body.

“So this must be my new life,” said Jeff as he walked out the room, “claiming innocent people as victims.”

And then Jeff walked out of his house and onto the lawn, forever changed and blood-thirsty.

What he didn't know was that Liu was still alive though... none of them knew.......