jessa was normal like other kids but something was wrong she had this werid feeling like something was worng didn’t know what kind of feeling it’s will she just ignored it. The next day she went up stairs to get her food then went back down to her room she was just sitting there she didn’t even touch her food she just sat there looking at her food and then looked the ceiling then looked at her Jeff picture that she drew she said to the drawing are you real please be. Then she moved her food then put it on her dresser then one of her foster sisters told her that she has to eat then jessa looked at her in a mean look then said ok In a happy expression like she changed her emotions to mean then happy her foster sister said ok then cause we’re going soon jessa said we’re. Her foster sister said to Tim Hortons then jessa said ok.i would be very anxios to this then i fell......asleep a creak and the sound of the wind woke me up i looked up at the ceiling a saw eyes and

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