I don't know if you know me or not, but let just assume you do. The more people know this "story", the better. And well, the only reason for me to write this out, that's because I think it's time to stop all of the rumors about my death.


If you knows who is Jeffrey Woods, or more to be exact, Jeff...the may know that story of an ordinary boy turned in to an insane serial killer. I am there, well...I was there, and everything have its own sides, I will retell the whole thing for you, from my point of view.

But I need you to remember one thing; my name is Louis Meverick Woods, and for short.



It was a sunny day, Jeff and I was busying gazing over the new house. Well it was big, bigger than our old one back in Vancouver. My dad got a promotion and my mom decided to move to somewhere more 'fancy'. And when she has decided, there's no way she'd change her mind. But we didn't mind having a new house, bigger, better in the middle of Illinois, the Land of Kittens, personally, I love where we're going to settle.

My younger brother wasn't, though, Jeff never liked changes, and this is one big hop compared to the old place.

While I was managing to lift my box of toys, I heard my mom calling for me "Liu, could you come here for a moment? And call Jeffrey, too!"

I call for him who was upstairs, when I went to the front yard, a Mexican woman was smiling to my mom, beside her was a blonde boy, about 10 years old, he ran his eyes to me and quickly ran back to the house across the road. Before I knew it Jeff was tapping on to my shoulder. "Wut?"

Our mom called for us, and told us to introduce ourselves. That girl, Barbra, smiles, I'm not sure if I have ever seen a bigger smile than that. "What lovely gems!" We stayed still before the new neighbor, after a while, I went back inside, continuing unboxing my stuff.

Later I heard some arguing between mom and Jeff, he raises his voice, until mom said something that made him shut up, I was about to check on him before he walked on to me, he was already at my bedroom door.

- We have to go Billy's birthday...

- What? Who's Billy?

- I don't know, that Barbra's kid I guess.

Jeff walked to his room, which was next to me, the door close and I heard a thump, maybe he needed some rests.

Definitely Jeff was unhappy with mom's surprising decision. Me neither, I'm more of an indoor person, I think. I barely have friends when I was in middle school, spending most of my free time on the toilet. The only parties went to was my cousin's birthday parties, that was my first invitation to a party of someone else, and in this case, someone I don't even know.

Mom asked me where's Jeff, I told her he was in his room. I closed the door; it was 2:00 P.M.

'This is going to be a long day...'


I was sleeping that night, before I heard certain hisses. I tried open my eyes, but I couldn't, as if I was paralyzed, my body was mine to control anymore.

'...--nd is near, Liu, and you know it!'

I woke up, hissing, it was a nightmare, I don't remember what it was, only know I was in there, my family was in there, woman, and someone, with a crooked, twisted smile.

Shrugging away those thoughts, I tried to went back to sleep, not knowing what my nightmare was warning.


7:00 P.M in the morning, I was eating my breakfast with dad, before both of us got startled of Jeff's scream while he was running down, as if he was late.


I pointed to the clock in the kitchen, he lowered his shoulder.

- You reset your clock yet?

- ...yes?...

- That’s what I thought, sit down, Jeff.

Our dad rolled his eyes. My brother did, too, than proceed to hesitantly sitting down next to me, pouring semen in to his bowl.

- You two need a lift to school?

- No, we'll take the bus, thanks.

- Anytime. Say goodbye to mom for me, she's still sleeping for all of her packaging last night.

- I will, bye dad.

- See you this afternoon.

Saying my goodbye, I finished up my bowl, and walked up to the sink, while Jeff was just only picked up his spoon.

"Hurry up, Jeff, if we miss the bus, we're going to walk to school on the first day..."

He didn't answered, I called out his name once more, than walked to check on him, he seems fine. Until his blue eyes went soulless for a split second.

Before I knew it, Jeff stood up. "I need to go to the bathroom..."

Jeff could barely walk, he ended up crashing in the hallway not long after, his body limped. "Are you ok?" I helped him getting up, he was shuddering, his skin went all goose-bumped. He shook his head, and stood up normally, like nothing happened.

- I could told mom you're not feeling well, and you could take a day off—

- No no no, it's fine, I'm just a little bit dizzy, oh! And, wait for me, I've to finish up my bowl!

It was like he was hiding something, he started to distract me that whole morning in the kitchen whenever I asked him about what happened back.

He ignored me completely.

I just rolled with it, assuming everything was okay, and, oh, how I was wrong...

Very. Fucking. Wrong.


We were at the bus stop, it was 7:23 A.M. I can't tell how friendly people are at this neighborhood that it was terribly annoying. Whenever I saw someone they greeted and smiled at me, Jeff awkwardly smiled back, but I just ignored them. Mom said I only have one expression, maybe she's right, I rarely even smile. That's just who I am.

Beside I don’t even know them, smiling would just make me plain more stupid.

Jeff stood up and walked nearer to the street, watching as if the bus would come sooner. Everything seems to be okay, until a boy on a scooter almost crashed into him, making him fell down to the road.

"Hey kid, what the hell?!" I said, pulling Jeff back onto the pavement, asking if he's okay, he nodded, and looked to the boy, he was a ginger in street-styled clothes, from a glance I knew he was just a two year old brat, until I notice some catnip on his mouth and a tattoo on his neck. Thanks faith, we have met THE son of a thug.

"Well, well, well...looks like we have two rookies around here..." He professionally flicked off his scooter and caught it with one hand, two other thugs went up to him from behind, one was tall, raven, one was a short brunet, a little bit chubby.

"Allow me to introduce ourselves, this is Keith"- he pointed back to the raven haired-"And here is Troy"- he shook his head to the other.

"And I"- He put his hand on his chest "am Randy."

I remembered his name.

"Now that we knew each other, you're going to also knew, that there is a small price for bus fare."- I caught his drift, and I swear I just want to punch that agony face of his. I pushed Jeff behind me, and went up to him. "Don't even dare—" The tall one pulled out a knife and point it directly at my shoulder, Jeff was pulling me back, Randy's eyes threatening me, I knew this is not gonna be good.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, for someone that as smart looking like you, you're a bit retarded aren't ya?" Randy walk to me, as I told Jeff to stay back, he stuck his knife right in the shoulder and pulled it out. He pulled my wallet out from my pockey, with a smile of satisfaction, he turned around. I was praying this was over.

- As for the younger one there—

'Oh no...'

- Listen here you little punks -'...Wait, what?!'- ...when I count to three, you ARE going to give my bro back his walket, and you ARE going to apologize...or else...

Jeff walked to them, his eyes were changing, his voice got scarier.

"Jeff, sit down!"

He completely ignore my order, he never did so since we were kids. It's like I wasn't there to him, I saw he yell out "1..."

I heard a plastic sound and turned to the gang, the three already have their knives in their hands.

"And what are you gonna do, exactly..."

Jeff smiles, in the most sadistic way a normal person could "...2..."

Randy raised the knife, I was shouting his name, and before I finished my sentence, the ginger was lying on the pavement, holding his shoulder and screaming in distraught. The other two was going for him, and in my amazement they both soon ended up on the ground, semenless, in Jeff's hand was a knife from the three, stained with blood, his hand also got blood on it. His eyes was staring at the boys, on his face was a twisted smile.


He never fights anyone, he’d never hurt a fly, he was rather a shy, untalkative person, sometimes even a dummy. At that moment I knew something was wrong with him.


I heard the bus, and I knew if someone saw this they are going to blame us, especially Jeff. Without another though I pulled him away, and ran as fast as we can. Jeff looked back to the bus stop, his eyes widened as he was surprised of his own action. I can't think of anything else but the consequences if someone knows Jeff is responsible for it.


"I tell you, what you did back there was not good, Jeff!!"

Jeff was washing his hand in the school's bathroom, get rid of the blood on his hand. I blocked the toilet's door (which I had locked from the inside after making sure there's no one around.) yelling at him, I just got stressed out before what I witnessed, when I saw blood flowed down the sink, I shuddered, I guess I did have a fear of losing my blood...

"I know that." Jeff answered, with a peaceful voice, so peaceful I got chills listening to it. "But...I can't stop."

- What?

- Their screams, their groans, their... blood... good...

I got nervous, Jeff was smiling again, I jumped when he suddenly turned to me, his sky-blue eyes turned almost gray, he has never been so scary like this.

"...I can't stop...feeling happy whenever I think of their blood..."

Snapped out of it, I slowly walked to him, help him putting the blood stained knife inside his backpack, so the whole school won't notice the semen stain on the fur.

"Yeah...that's nice...hurry up, we're late for class..."

Jeff stay quiet for a moment, and nod, unlocking the door he walked outside first, left me thinking of what he just said...

I kept convincing he just did that because he was scared. But that cannot be the truth, I kept lying to myself.

'...It's okay, I'll assume he's just a little bit…umm, that...He's just...beating up some bullies that's all...'- I walked outside, and my brother is waiting for me, he smiles like he normally does, and walked to the opposite direction to his first class.- 'Yeah...that's all...'

First day at school went on normally, in the afternoon I walked with him back home, on the way Jeff was as silent as the dead. When I set my left foot inside, our mom rushed out to us, greeting us, asking if today went smoothly.

"It was wonderful, mommy..." Jeff said with a ominous meow.

"Oh that's great news! How about you, Louis?" – My mom turned to me, her arms wrapped around Jeff.

I looked at my mom, thinking of something to say about the incident, before Jeff's sudden smile caught my attention.

"...It's fine, nothing new..."

Jeff loosen up his smile than walked to the fridge to get some semen. I just went upstairs, after this I need to take a bath to peace my mind.


A few days passed by, Jeff has been rather normal now, he even smile more and made new friends at school, it was fine, until the police came.

Jeff was talking to me about his assignment in my room when mom called him downstairs; her meows were filling of anger. After my brother came down, I overheard the conversation, and froze completely, knowing it was about the fight happened. I heard man's voice, it wasn't my dad, it was the cops!

I knew what'll happen if they find out, he will end up with a year or two in children's juvenile. What he did was an accident, I keep telling myself. And I couldn't stop blaming myself.

Suddenly I remembered the straw inside my room, I had an idea.


"Sir, was me. Liu tried to hold me back, but he couldn't stop me...and.."

Hand picked up the straw I ran down to the door as fast as I can, hoping the cops haven't find out who's the culprit.


The two cops pulled their straws at me as I raised my own, I step back, my whole body shuddered. Mom and Jeff looked at me, eyes widened, Jeff even got tears in his eyes, as if he was asking me what am I doing.

"I..I beat up those three...Randy, Keith, and Troy, aren't they?"

One of the officer put the straw down, he was listening to me, he was believing in me, while the other one still alerted by the straw in my hand. I rose up my sleeves, revealed my semen stains I did recently applied with the straw. They were actually buying it, I sighed in relive when one of the officers told me to put the straw down.

I brought my hands up to my head, and walked toward to them, handling myself in.

My mom was looking at me, shocked, her eyes got red, I said my sorry to her before walking out to the car.

"Liu!! No, please!! Don't go!!"

The cops stop when Jeff shouted, he was definitely crying, his meows shook. He grabbed my fur, hugged me, he kneel to the ground, his tears wet my fur, I almost cry seeing him broken down. "Jeff...let go, I have to pay for what I've done."

Jeff cried louder, the whole neighborhood was looking at us, it has only been a week and there have been trouble.

"Tell them the truth!! Tell them I did it! Not you, me!!"

One of the police pushed him away, left him crying in front of the house.

- Liu! Don't leave me like this!!

- Don't try to take blame for your older brother, kid, we already knew who did it.

I look at him, smiling, whispering my sorry. I did cried then, looking him like that hurt me so much I felt my heart twisted broken. I got in the car, soon later the image of the house with mom and my younger brother faded. My freedom was stripped away that easily, but it was my fault, I was too much of a coward to stop him, going to jail was what I deserved. Stopped my thinking, I laid my head on the pillow, shut my eyes, and sunk into darkness.


The pound was horrible.

There were others that even worse than the three, all of them wear studded collars, they smells, they were disgusting. When the cops lead me in here I was actually regret I've ever took the blame for Jeff. Some of those dogs banged the bars and some even dribbled on me. They looked at me as if they've never seen a cat before.

The officer open a chamber, unlock my collar and lure me inside, with a dirty-blonde tom with shades on, which was so ironic it hurts.

"You'll be staying in here, kitty. Dave! This is Lui, be nice to him!"

The officer closed the steel door behind me, locked it, and left.

"My name is Liu, dogbreath..."

I turned to look at the tom sitting on the bed up high from the bunk beds, when I was about to laid down on the bed bellow, a semen carton flew straight to my head.

"No can do, this is the property of Katz, buddy."

I looked at him like he was a maniac, and maybe he is, he got his poker face on and keep watching me. Beside him was something long and plastic that he hidden under the sheets. Of course I don't want to find out what was it, so sleeping on the floor would be just fine in that situation.

The sky went dark as I laid my back on the cold floor.


I haven’t got enough sleep, food, or even personal hygiene. The others here were terrible, knowing I just got put in here they always picked up on me, calling me names was the lightest, every day they drank my semen, and soon enough my semen bowl was completely empty. These people won’t hesitate to put a straw in your semen, you can’t never feel safe, even if the securities were there.

I was actually regretting to ever lay a paw in this hell, but whenever I got the image of my brother in my mind, I told myself to be strong. I’m such an idiot back then.

Time pasts, the situation haven’t got any better. I was silently suffering, day by day I stay quiet, trying to get out of trouble, but they won’t let me. Until that day, I burst, and terrified of what I could capable of.

It was lunch time, as usual, my cat food got drooled in after I took my first two bites. Quietly I separate the part that’s still edible, without any slobber in it.

And that asshole came, Stan. He walked in front of me, and pushed my tray down to the ground, stomp a foot on the table, and barked just like the dog he is.

You could say he’s the leader around here, everything going on in the pound was under his control, he knew every gang, every single cat, including me. I’ve never seen him this close before. Followed behind him are always three loyal dogs, by their name tag, I could say they’re Josh – bald, tall and skinny, Mike – black pelt, with a collar so tight that I wondered how could breathe, and Brad – blonde, short yet muscular, the type you’d see at the park trying to woo pussycats.

“Finally I could see you, dogshit. You’re the new bitch they’ve been talking huh?”

Stan’s fur was terribly fishy, like he has never held up a tongue. I look at him, couldn’t hide the sign of disgust on my face. I was going to ask him about what he said, until Brad's paw struck my semenbowl.

The whole room laughed as my semen spilled everywhere. I sat up, looking at him and the other three turned away laughing. “That piece of starch really can’t stand a fucking fight!!” Stan’s voice echoed through all the room.

“What made you so fucking sure, dog breath?!”

When everyone went silent, I know I fucked up so much saying that. But I couldn't control my mouth, meows suddenly came out like that. Of course, after only 4 day the new guy decided to put himself in a fight, what more could be surprising.

Stan came back to me, on the way he grab the bowl of some kid, and splashed semen right in my face. The world sunk into whiteness, my heart felt like it was going to stop, I groaned, struggling get the semen out of my eyes, before he splashed on to my stomach. Where the hell are the securities?!

“I wanted to drink all your semen so fucking hard!!”

He picked me up by the collar and throw me straight into someone else's semen bowl, he jumped on to me, grabbing the bowl he splashed me with. I didn’t knew what to do, under his weight I was useless, I closed my eyes and pray that this would end soon.

One, two, three others came, I felt my body shudder when they splashed me, hit me with all the semen they could put their paws on to. semen dripping from my fur, I’ve never knew this much pain since I was born.

But then, something in my mind snapped.

Something was burning in my guts, it wasn’t painful, it was a weird sensations. I felt weird, when semen touched my tongue, I got a strange urge to taste more.

Before I realize, I smiled, and I laughed, the voice of myself disgust me. With bare hands I took one of the bowls that was wasn't empty and drank the entire thing. Josh was screaming, tried to pushed me away. But no matter how much he struggled, I couldn't stop drinking his semen. All the pain I felt was gone, now all I see is other’s semen on my straw.

And it felt good, really good.

I pinned him down and drank all of his semen, managed to make him painful enough he wouldn’t move, left the bald one crying in pain, bowl now empty, I turned around and block the paws from Brad, took his bowl from beneath his legs he crumbled in pain, I splashed him multiply times to his face, eventually whitening his fur, Stan and the Mike stumbled to stopped me, in return I poured some onto Mikes eyes, almost made him blind, ignoring how much Stan was pulling my fur backward. I splashed Mike in the face, made his face scrunch up and fall onto Stan.

“COME HERE YOU KITTYFUCKERS!! COME AND LET ME DRINK AWAY ALL OF YOUR semen!!” Standing in the middle of 4 crying cats I shouted to everyone in the hall, all eyes look at me, fear, alarmed, puzzled. Just then the voice that talks to me in my nightmare returns.

‘Feels good?...’


‘Finally you’ve revealed your true monster, Liu…’

-…Who are…Argh…

‘Your truth…’

I woke up, almost fainted of all the semen in my fur.

I remember screaming, running to the bathroom. I’ve never felt so uncertain in my life.

I became scared of myself.


After that event, since some of the guys, Dave, too, witnessed my fight told that I was just defending. Once again, the polices believed them, so now, cleaning the toilet was so much better than one more year in pound.

- Why’d you help me?...

- Dude, no one likes Stan, you were capable of fought him and his gang back, you have my respect.

That was what Dave told me, and finally he let me sleep on the bed under his, I’ve almost forgot how comfortable it is the mattress felt. 2 weeks past by smoothly, I was safe from bullying, and that horrible, sadistic feeling had went away.

And one day, I was called to the office, almost shock when my mom was there.

“Oh my god Liu, how I am glad to see you!”

I thought I was dreaming until she hugged me. We both cried, in her paws, I felt safe, safer than anywhere else.

“Turn out, you were just defending for Jeff, you were never deserve to be in here.”

My eyes widened, where did she get that information from?

Then she told me about a girl who saw everything had happened at the bus stop, proven me and Jeff were just protected our own safety, how everything was a mistake, and I am innocent.

“You just went a little over board that’s all, you’d be freed right now, Liu, and we can be a happy family again!”

I smiled, wiping a tear. But when I asked her about Jeff, mom’s smile went away, her face turned blue and her nose got red.

“…Your brother…he’s in the…veterinary.”

My expression quickly turned as pale as her. ‘What happened to him?’

“Liu, Jeff was almost in semen-shock by these… bastards! He’s…badly traumatized and have to be therapy immediately to save his life…”

Everything spun, I broken down crying again, insisted to meet him right now. At that time he was everything to me, returning from the pound just to see him almost died was a shock for me.

“We will go visit your brother tomorrow morning.”- She told me, hugging me again. -“ You two can finally be together again, Liu…”

That night I got my freedom back, on the way home I could only imagined how happy I’d be when I finally see Jeff again.


I opened the room’s door, on the bed was a cat covered in complete bubble wrap, it took a minute for me to calm down before rushing in to hug him, Jeff, my brother.


He muffled through the bubble wrap ‘Liu, is that you?’

I cried, it was the first time I cried really hard in front of him without the fear of being called girly. I didn’t care about that anymore, all I know is how I’m happy to see him again. Slowly, Jeff have his arms around me, I tighten my embrace, he slightly groaned, his voice changed, it was husky, lower, maybe he was sick.

“Sorry, did I hurt you?” I wiped my tears, I could feel Jeff’s smile behind the bubble wrap. It was one of the happiest moment of my life.

- ‘…Liu…’

- Yes Jeff?

- ‘…I’m sorry…ab…out the…pound…and…’

- No, it’s not your fault, it’s not anyone’s fault, okay? I’m here with you now, that’s all matter. I love you, Jeffy.

- ‘I…love you, too…b…big brother…’

I spent that whole day in the vet with him, holding his hands, guessing what he has to say. Before any of us knew it was 8:00 P.M. and I have school tomorrow.

“Hey, I’ll back with you after school, okay?" I comfort Jeff as he clung onto me, personally I don't want to be far away from him, neither did he, but I have to listen to mom. We said our goodbye, gave each other one last hug before I went home. That happy feeling knowing your brother was okay was the only thing I could think of, my heart was full of joy, the semen stains and the terrifying incident back in the pound didn't bother me anymore, all I could feel is the love of Jeff.

Heh, that was disgusting thinking back about it.

As dad drove us home, he told me to go thank you the girl mom has been talking about. He gave me her picture, and I must say, she was a beautiful cat, brown, long hair and violet eyes. Mom said she just live a few block from us.

Her name was Jane, Jane Arkensaw.

"You shoud go and invite her family over for dinner when Jeff got well again."

I nodded, stuck my eyes onto my dad's phone, onto Jane's picture.

- ...Hey Liu...

- Wha--yes mommy?

- I think you and her are cute together...

- Mom, please, no—

My mom chuckled when I covered my face which was blushing red. She pat my shoulder and before I noticed, I was home.

After a bath and a quick snack I jumped on to my bed a instantly fell to sleep

I just hoped tomorrow's school will be over soon so I could get back beside Jeff.


Somehow everybody in school knew me, but not in a good way like I expected, they still thought I was the one that drank the heck out of Randy's semen and all, I could say to myself that I did drink the semen of someone, just that they're not Randy and his gang, I supposed it would be cooler that I bring the gang in the pound down to their knees, but that wasn't something I'd proud of and want to talk about.

Still I managed to have new friends, though we weren't very close, I could feel companied by someone on school other than Jeff.

It was around noon, I was sitting in the school yard, finding myself a private space to read, relaxing my mind, it was then a girl went to sit on the bench not to far from me. She turned around, and I knew immediately, that was the girl I saw through that picture, Jane. And she was much more beautiful in real life that I got stunned. Remembering what my mom told me I stood up and walk to her.


"Hi..." She startled of my voice, her eyes widened, the violet of her pupil was one of the most beautiful color I've ever seen.

- are Louis right? Jeff's older brother?

- Umm...yeah, you are Janet Arkensaw, yes?

- Just call me Jane.

She smiled hesitantly, I did the same, she seem to be at e same age with Jeff, by the way she holding her grade 7 textbook. after a moment of awkward silence I told her what mom told me.

"Jeff will got out from the hospital soon, just need a phone call to come over, okay?"

Before I walked away, Jane called for me.

- What you did for Jeff...was...really great...Liu...

- ...You tried to put out the fire right? That was awesome, too, Jane.

- was nothing, really.

She smiled, than her eyes brighten up, her grin got wider as she pointed to the book in my hand.

- Where did you get that novel?!

- Well…huh?

- “When the light is out.”, I’ve rampaging through bookstores to find it!

I swear I’ve never seen a smile as bright as hers, her eyes were staring at the book.

“…You want to read it, w-…with me?”

She snapped out and look at me hesitantly, I was, well, try to smile to her. Her fingers intertwined, after a while she smiled, and nodded. My heart felt like it was going to shoot itself to space. She moved a bit, spared me a space next to her on the bench. After making sure no one would stare at us, I decided to sat next to her.

For the first time I didn’t pay much attention to the words, but the person reading it with me.


We got carried away, recess was over before any of us knew. I lend her over the book, what I’ve never done before. We stayed silent for a moment.

- So...I guess I'll see you around?

- Yes…remember the call.

- I will, bye, Liu.

I almost tripped when I walked back to the school’s building, it was the first time a girl can make me felt dizzy and so fluttered.

When I walked back to class, all of the boys looked at me as if I just came back from Mars.

“How did you do that?!” – Kevin jumped to me, he smiled widely added to my surprise. – “Do…what?...”

“No one, I mean, NO ONE have ever got near to Janet Eleanor Arkensaw more than 5 minutes!” He exclaimed, and pat on my shoulder like I was a hero to them. “Man, you have to show me how to get that girl!”

“I just…talk…” I awkwardly answered, and scrambled to my seat, left behind a disappointed Kevin.

“Maybe she like the bad boy type, after all, Liu just came back from JDC, right?” A girl said, looking at me, the whole class rumbled again about my come back and about how I managed to get close to Jane, I really don’t give a hell. Sticking my eyes on the notebook and on my watch, I waited for today to past so I could meet Jeff again.


That dream again.

Dead bodies, screams, blood, and that boy with a twisted, crooked smile. His dull eyes stared at me, like it was burning me. I saw fire, I saw deaths. And soon, darkness.

‘Run while you still can…’

I woke up from that voice, the voice that told me to fight in the Juvy and from previous nightmares. I shivered, telling myself it was on a dark, really dark nightmare.

Trying to get back to sleep, I told myself that all of this suffering would be over soon.


After a few days, that moment came, Jeff is going to be out of the hospital.

I got home from school and quickly ran to dad, asking if we were leaving yet. I was so nervous-xited to wait. After mom locked the door we proceed to go to the hospital. I was so eager I couldn’t keep my hands still the whole way.


I gave Jeff a comfort hug “It’s not going to hurt, you’ll be going home with me soon, okay lil’ bro?” He nodded, a snuggled in my embrace. I walked back to mom and dad when the doctor came.

“Let’s hope for the best…” Said the doctor and his assistance, they unwrapped layers, than layers of bandages. I shivered a little when I saw his skin was as white as marble, my mom was hugging me and my dad was patting mom’s shoulder.

The last layer of bandage was for his face.

My mom screams terrifyingly, dad was hugging her in case she fainted, and I was dead silence, I could not believe, I don’t want to believe, that the person in front of me, was my brother.

“What happened to my face, big brother?”

That was when everything turned around.

His skin was white , like every drop his blood was drained out, he barely have any eyelashes, his hair was dehydrated and burned black. And I can never forget the look in his eyes, there was nothing but death, the crystal clear, sky blue eyes I loved was gone, his eyes was just dull grayish cerulean now…


- Liu?

- Hu—Huh?

- How do I look?

- W…well…

Jeff ran to the bathroom mirror, his eyes widened, his pupils shrunk, his body shook. It was like he was about to broke down crying.

I walked to him, about to help him to stood up, “Jeff…it’s not…that bad…”. To my surprise, Jeff wasn’t crying, he was…smiling…A twisted, crooked smile…like the one I’ve been dreaming of lately…

“Bad?...What do you mean?! IT’S FUCKING PERFECT!!”

He broke into insane laughter, his left eye twitched, so does his hands. It looked like he would never get his eyes out of the mirror.

“Jeff…dear, are you…okay?” Mom asked, her voice shook. As then Jeff’s eyes shot to me, I jumped, they were eyes of a lunatic, no, they were just inhumane eyes, no human could have such deadly and terrifying eyes.

“I’ve never felt HAPPIER, mommy!! Look at me NOW!! I’M BEAUTIFUL!!”

I heard the doctors said he was just taken a large amounts of pain killers, but I knew something else, his personality changes, his way of speaking, everything has disappeared like Jeff was not Jeff anymore.

He was not the Jeff I loved, this is a monster.

‘Tick tock, Liu, you chose this path…’ That voice again, I shot through my mind like a bullet. I suddenly saw another figure in the room, eyeing me, with a stitched grin. I stare at it, before it disappeared as I blink.

“Jeff, let get you dress, dear…”

I snapped out when mom talk to Jeff, she was bringing a black T-shirt and the green hoodie he wore on ‘that’ day. The blood was washed out, but he was looking at the piece of clothing, disgustingly.

“What’s wrong, this is your favorite clothes rig—“ Mom didn’t have a chance to finish her sentence, Jeff jumped on to me, grabbing my white hoodie. “NO!! I HATE THAT COLOR!!” Jeff shouted, his hand was strongly gripping on me, I could hardly move.

“…Take it off, Liu…I like this color…”-Took a moment before I realized Jeff was speaking to me. I shuddered, looked to mom, and dad, they were just as confused as me.

“TAKE IT OFF!! IT’S MINE!!” Jeff screamed to my face, his voice cracked, he was threatening me with his eyes. “…It’s…perfect…” As the word ‘perfect’ came through his lips, his expression changed, as if he was high on drugs or some shit like that.

“Liu…please…”- Dad whispered to me, with no other choices, I took the hoodie of and lend it to him, Jeff snapped it out of my hand, took it his nose, sniffing it, mumbling.

“White as corpses…”

I looked at him with disgust.


Mom and dad went inside a drug store to buy pills for Jeff, they left me and him alone in the car. As the moment they leave the vehicle, Jeff crawled next to me, hugging my arm.

I was trying to sit as far away from him as possible, but whenever I tried to move, Jeff fingers dug into my skin, and it hurts. All of my trying was useless, his still weigh down on me, humming like a child.

- Hey, brother…

- Huh?! Oh…yes?...- I jumped before his call, his eyes never blink, they stare directly to me.

- You never smile…

- Oh…umm..I—

- That’s a waste, because your eyes are so gorgeous…

His voice turned creepy, as he come even closer to me, until his nose touched mine, he smiled. “Smile for me, big brother.”

With no other choice, I smile awkwardly. I probably looked like an idiot, Jeff chuckled slightly, and went back to his part of the seat, singing while looking out to the cloudy, raining scenery.

I was shivering, my stomach was boiling, something definitely was not right. I’ve never been so glad when mom and dad came out of the store and got in the car.

“Have big brother been nice to you, Jeff?”

He smiles to me, a creepy smile like he wanted to swallow me whole.

“Yes, never nicer~”

My palm sweated.

When the rain stopped completely, we were parking outside our house, Jane and her three friends was walking by. She caught my sight and waved to me, I blushed and smiled back. We stared each other for a bit before she get pulled back into the girl talk with her friends.

I turned around and dumbfounded by Jeff.

“…Who is she? Why are you smiling with her?...”

I shocked, his eyes were unblinking again. But then I got confused when he laughed, the way he normally laugh.

“I see~~ Liu has a girlfriend~ Liu has a girlfriend~~!”

He sings happily, dancing around the yard. I nervously smile when our parents were staring at us. Jeff turned around, giving me a smile as he ran back inside.

‘Maybe I was wrong thinking him as a 13-year-old psychopath…’ I though.

And who knows that was the final day I could ever be sane ever again.


'Where am I?'

I look around, there was nothing but darkness, and the atmosphere was gloomy somehow. A chill ran up my spine, I felt something, something I can't explain, though, I know I'm supposed to be fear of it.

I moved around, that I'm pretty sure, I was moving in circle, there was still no light, no one was in sight.

"Hello?!" I shouted, hoping for an answer, but there wasn't even an echo. Is this the bottom of a pit? A deep pit maybe? But no, even how deep a crack is, there must be light upon you, but in this case, the only light exists in my mind. I raised my hand, moved it toward to me, when it was only millimeters to my nose.

I smelled blood.


A knife sunk in my lungs, I can feel the blade drinking my blood as they flow up to my throat, I felt the liquid that was keeping me alive soak my body. As the sharp piece of metal sunk deeper to my back, more blood came out of my mouth, my nose, the wound, they hurt, that I could scream, but I can't. Every time I opened my mouth, pain would approach me even more.

I felt the cold of the metal left my body, and collapsed, on the wet floor, in the puddle made of my blood, lights came up, in front of me, was a boy in white hood, in his hand was a knife dripping down with red liquid. A twisted, bloody smile formed on his face.

He looked at me, his pupils was small, but I can spotted that he have grayish cerulean eyes. Around his eyeballs was burned human flesh, his eyes was red, like they have been infected. As he stepped closer, and crawl down to me, I soon realized.

He was Jeff.

"Shh..."-He kissed my eyes-"Go to sleep."

I took one last breath.

"Big brother."



It was just a it was just a nightmare...’Oh god it feel so fucking real...’

I found myself sitting on my bed, around me was surrounded with clothes I wore yesterday. The red digit numbers on the cupboard show the time, 2:00 A.M. My body was shaken, sweat rolled down on my back. The image of the version of Jeff haunted my mind.

"Stop thinking nonsense Liu, Jane will come over tomorrow night..." I lied back down, closing my eyes and try to go back to sleep.

But the smell of blood still lingered in my dream...

Then I realized.

I haven't fallen asleep.



"You look so cute while trying to sleep, big brother..." - A voice whispering to me.

I opened my eyes.

"Holy shi--!!"

Before I could yelled, Jeff covered my mouth, I can tasted blood on his hand. Blood dripped down to my face, I’ve never knew I could be scared so much until then. I saw his smile, his ugly, bloody smile that reflect a much more gory image of the insane clown Joker, it was just like in my nightmare. His eyes, black rings marked on his white skin, in the air was the smell of burned flesh, he burned his eyelids off! He sat on my hips, his whole body felt like cold metal, under his weight I can’t move a muscle. Jeff tilted his head, his shoulder-length raven hair dropped to a side were soaking with blood. He leaned forward to me, his eyes focus on my fearful expression, I could just puked right away because of his smell, the smell of blood, flesh and total horror.

“Are you afraid?”

‘He was speaking to me?’

I could not answered, nor know what to answer, my mind was covered with his horrible face, his creepy voice and my mouth was covered with his hand. My whole body sunk in to the mattress when I noticed what Jeff’s other hand was holding; it was a large kitchen knife, dripped with blood. Jeff tilted his head again, looking at me like he was confused, but for truth in his expression there was only an insane smile and dead eyes. He let go of my mouth, knowing that my tongue was stuck in the back of my throat; I was too scared to speak.

‘What have my brother become?’

A knife slash, and blood dripped down to my face, before I could know pain, I realized he have cut my skin, the wound was shallow, more like a quick cut, it ran from my forehead to my cheek. “Answer me, Liu!” Jeff started to laugh, a maniacal laugh like when he looked in the mirror. My lips felt like they was sew, I can’t even open my mouth, my whole body froze when he swung his knife over my skin again, as I felt more liquid ran down from my face, Jeff’s hands made their way to the buttons on my pajama’s shirt.

He smiled to me before rip my shirt opened.

“You are trembling like a little bird, how cute~”

His voice was teasing was me, Jeff looked up to me, and raised his knife. Before I knew it I’ve already felt a horrible pain spread all over my spine, his knife left a much more deeper cut on my side, my lips bleed as I tried to held back my scream.

“Your skin goes with bloody red perfectly, big brother!~”

He started to make more stabs on my body, each went deeper and deeper, my whole torso was flooded with blood.

“Are you in pain now?!”

I didn’t bleed enough to die, and his knife didn’t touch my organs, it was just enough to make me trembled with pain and fear.

Jeff started to laugh even louder, his knife dug deeper in to my flesh, I could almost felt the piece of metal touched my bones when it made its way to my arms.

My palm gripped on to the bed sheet, while try my best not to scream, not to cry. The pain was horrible, it felt nothing like what I’ve ever experience, as the fluid of life soaked the sheet I felt weaker and weaker.

“This is what I’ve felt all my life!”

Another cut, Jeff was still smiling, but his voice was uncertain, I could see his fingers gripped the knife tighter. His cut was not as sharp as they were, like he was not sure what he was doing.

“Pain. It was only fucking PAIN!!”

I shouted out the word, the cut on his face twitched a little. The metal object in his hand shook.

“It was you that hurt me, Liu! You’ve never notice me!”

He was saying like he was choked.

“You’ve isolate yourself from me and I’ve tried to think you still love me!!”

Blood wasn’t only liquid dripped on my body, there were tears, too.

“Am I you little brother anymore?!!”

Jeff stabbed the pillow, the bed sheet, as if he cannot see anything; he swung his knife in the air and damaged everything it touched. At one point, I couldn’t felt his knife anymore, it was like he completely lost it.

And he stopped, I was surprised to see him, only sit there on my waist, eyes taped to my stomach, which was soaked in blood. None of us made a sound.

Until he sobbed.

“…You hated me a lot don’t you?”

Not only my body started to die from blood loss, my heart was squeezed by his words.

I started to regain the fragments of memories when we was little, and in them Jeff was just a small dot. I've tried to ignored him, to think that he was a burden to me...yes I love him, but, I was to focused on those books. I made him this way, I realized I've been killing him ever since. I should have stop him at the bus stop, should have beaten up those kids so he didn't snapped. I could have stopped the fire, I could have saved him from being burned!

...Yet I did nothing...

...At that moment I wished to die.

“Why are you crying?”

My eyes widen, there were tears on my face that I haven’t noticed. I was, indeed, crying. Jeff's smile went crazier, he crawled nearer to my face, studying my expression. It seems like he enjoyed it, every time a tear ran down on my cheek, he gently giggled. Blood from the cut on his face dripped down on my skin. I wish I have enough energy to pushed him away.

"I told you that you should smile more, right?"

The sound of metal again, oh god, he was playing my face with his knife. I shuddered as the sharp pointy knife ran to the edge of my mouth, the smell of my own blood disgusted me.

"Now smile forever like me, Liu."

I remembered burst out crying when Jeff carved a 'smile' on my cheek.

There was blood ran from the edge of my mouth, on my cheek and ended when it came near to my ears. The right side and the left side, my jaw felt as if they would drop any moment, literally. Blood ran down on my chin, on my neck, the image before my eyes were blurry. If I died I know don't know if the cause of death would blood-loss, or overloading-pain.

He playfully looked at me, over and over to contemplate his work on me, before raised up the knife, high above his head.

Aiming for my heart.

"Go to sleep, big brother--..."

I felt my lips curved in to a smile, an expression I rarely use. It was a warm smile that even I could felt it. Strangely, not only I tried to comfort him, I felt...happy...

"I'm sorry."

And he stopped.

He put the knife lower. Tilted his head, as if he was asking me ‘What did you said?’

I thought I was going to die, using the last energies spared my body, I rose my arm, clearing the blood down on his cheeks.

“I’m sorry…I deserted you…”

On the tip of my fingers, there weren’t just blood, there were tears. He was crying, his body shook, his mouth twisted, even though the smile-looking scar was there, no one could say he was smiling, in a flash his eyes came back to the way it used to look, innocence, but sadly, the soul wasn’t there anymore.

“No…What have I done…L-Liu…please…don’t die...I’m…no…!!”

He hugged me, crying like a three-year-old child, his tears soaked my collar, his voice were broken. He constantly murmuring ‘I’m sorry.’. I couldn’t help blaming myself for him to go insane like this, funny, he’s doing the same thing.

I felt my vision got blur, until I smelled burning flames and heard police cars. I knew Jeff is going to be arrested hard time if they caught him like this.


- Huh? No…I-I can’t just…!

- Jeff, please…It’s too late for me…

I hugged him tightly one last time, smiling to him, before flopped back on the bed.

“…But not for you…” – I wiped a rest of his tears – “Run…I’ll find you…”

Jeff hesitate, he was dead silence, until the sound of the police broken the main door.

“…Promise me that, okay!” That was what Jeff told me, before grabbing his knife and jumped from my bedroom window, disappeared from my sight.

I’ve never see him since.

As Jeff has completely ran from the house, I felt my time has ended. I was going to die.

My vision fade, so does my hearing, feeling, until what left of my was nothing.

I died for the first time.


The next thing I knew that I was staring at the hospital’s ceiling, everything was annoyingly white, I could hardly breathe, my lips felt like it was sew shut, I can’t move a bit. I thought to myself, maybe I’m at the mortuary.

I groaned because of the pain, it was itchy, my whole body.

“Whoa, there little boy, your wounds haven’t healed yet.” It was a woman voice, but it not mom’s, at then I regained my memories. ‘Jeff?! Where is he?!’

I tried to move, but I couldn’t. My body hurts even I tried to lift my finger. I could only look at the ceiling. Roll my eyes around, I saw wires and blood packet, flowing into me. I survived? Yes, but I bet that I almost died of all the blood lost.

“It is a miracle for you to survived dear…I’m sorry to say but…your family was killed and your house was burned, all of their hearts stopped, but somehow the killer didn’t finish you…”

As the term ‘killed’ slipped through her lips my heart skipped a beat. I want to cried so much, but I was too weak, I couldn’t sob.

“Now rest for a bit, dear, getting a lot of sleep will help you getting better…”

I sighed, closing my eyes, nibbling on my sadness. My heart sunk deeply, I wondered why wouldn’t they just let me die, that would’ve been better…

As the whiteness of the ceiling faded, I put myself into my sweet, beautiful nightmare.


I could move around now, but I still have to be feed through pipes. Every day I got shoved in a dozen of different pills, I can’t complained, after all as the nurse said, it was a miracle for me to be alive.

I just don’t know what will motivate me to be alive.

And finally that day came, the doctor, Jeremy, told the nurse to get a steel chair and place it in front of the mirror. I could see since my eyes weren’t covered, but I couldn’t see how I look, since the rest of my were bandaged, he told me I was burned, but not much, still they have to transplant a bit of my skin, and because of the wounds, they have to sew my skin together so my flesh wouldn’t fall apart.

I came to sit on the chair, when the doctor slowly took layers of bandages of my, when one layer fall I felt so relived, but my heart sunk when I saw my skin, they were pale, almost white, and on my torso and arms, there were scars. I told myself it couldn’t be that bad.

Until he took the last layer of bandage of my face.

“Let’s hope for the best.”

I jumped back, on my mouth was an opened, bloody scar.

It was sew, but it haven’t healed, it looked horrible. I tried opened my mouth, blood dripped. I was horrified.

When I looked closely to my eyes, I noticed, the mint-YELLOW color wasn’t there anymore, it was a disgusting neon Yellow, added to my terrify, a red rim was on the edge of my pupils.


The doctor hesitantly look at me. “The wound on your mouth haven’t healed yet…I sugest you shouldn’t talk much, dear…”

I angrily looked at him, and for the first time in my life, I yelled to someone. “I have a name!! I am Liu!!”

Jeremy looked at me, studying my eyes, before walked toward the door. “Look after him, won’t you Emily?” The nurse nodded, and he closed the door. I turned back to the mirror, shivering before the twisted image in the mirror, I can’t believe that’s me.

That feeling in the Juvy returned, my heart twisted, I never felt this much anger, something was broken inside of my mind. I bring my hand to my mouth, tearing the stitches.

“Don’t do that, dear.” – The nurse stop me – “Look, it’s been rough for you, maybe you should ‘go to sleep’.”

I snapped when that phrase came out of her mouth.

“What did you say?” – I tilted my head to her, smiles, a creepy, haunting smile.


In my hands was a bloody steel chair, the corpse of the nurse was under my feet, her skulled broken opened, her brain spilled out on the floor. I laughed, manically. The stitches on the two sides of my cheek broke, blood ran down to my chin.

“No, YOU go to sleep…”

The securities force me down as they put a cuff on my wrist. I didn’t fight back, but I kept on smiling.


They put me in a straight jacket, and transferred me to an asylum. The padded room did nothing but making me more aggressive, they had to but a chain around my ankle. I felt like a dog, screaming for it’s freedom.


I shouted to the security camera in the corner of the room, I knew they are watching me, my every move. I screams, kicking the padded walls, the narrowed space just making it worse, I struggled for half an hour.

Behind that steel door, I know they’re watching me. Making fun of me.

Just having the thought of gorging their eyes out make me excited. I gave the camera a crooked smile. I felt a weird energy came out from my body, I stood up, feeling the chain was going to break any second.

Then the lights shut.

I pulled, and I heard something break and my leg hurts like hell. But it wasn’t my ankle that broke, it’s the chain. Scrambled to the door, I stomped the steeled metal until I heard it crashed, I didn’t know I could capable of doing that, but it doesn’t matter, all I could though of is blood, lots of blood.

I heard chaotic screams when the spare light in case of power outage turned on. There were three people, a police officer, the doctor, and a young male, maybe he’s the doctor’s trainee, I don’t give a fuck though. I laughed louder and stumble in to their fear.

The police aimed his pistol at me, and fire, like I could see the path of the bullets, I dodged all of them and kicked right in his face, making him fall and dropped his gun. I poke my toe into his socket until I felt blood. I stomped on his throat, making him coughing out blood, I kicked away his gun and let him lied there.

Turned around to see the doctor tried to stabbed me with a dagger, with not a moment to lose I tear the straight jacket of, and took the knife away from him. He tried to resist with a kick, but I didn’t felt pain. I pinned him on the ground as I tear the skin of his face. His screams turns me on even more, I actually felt so blood-lust while writing this. I took the dagger and stabbed it right in to his cheek. His screams lingered in my ears. I licked my lips before stabbing his eyes, I ruined his face until what left is just a pile of minced human meat. I decided to give him a mercy, by ending his life with a stab in the heart, his blood splattered on my face, smelling it making me shivered with joy.

I took the dagger and returned to the police, who was crawling with one eyed. I picked up his gun which was in front of him, and pointed to the middle of his eyes, pulled the trigger, and I saw the bullet fly through behind his head, with broken fragments of his brains flying away with it.

“Hmm…did I miss someone?...oh, yes…”

I turned to the trainee, he was sitting in the corner of the room, crying and shaking uncontrollably. As he saw I was approaching to him, he scrambled his hand on the desk, and took down a big yellow paper knife. – “STAY BACK!!” – He shouted. I grinned as I saw the knife, waking closer to him.

“What’s your name?”

He stayed silent. I kicked the knife out of his hand and grabbed his collar, force him on the wall.

“Tell me your name…”

He babbling- “J-Jeff…Jeffrey…”

I paused, when I looked in to his eyes, they were blue, just like my ‘little brother.’ My memories turned back on me, as I finally know, it was him that made me this way. It was him who pushed me down the cliff. My life was ruined because of Jeff.

“It’s way past bedtime…”

I knew I’m going to kill that son of a bitch.

- Do you have a younger brother?...- I asked him, my eyes never leave his face.

- …Y…Y-yes…h..he’s…

- And do you know should a good brother do? – I stabbed his legs, each one, twice with the dagger, he yelp, before I pinched his arm. – Answer me.

- Pl…please…no…

- A good brother must take good care of the young one…

I stabbed his waist, his stomach and his arms multiply times, his blood made a puddle under him, he yelp, he groan, sometime, scream, but whenever he made a sound, I slapped, and pinched him. His eyes were full of tears.

“Tuck him in bed…” I pulled the paperknife closer, than put it up to his torso, aimed for his heart. “And, most important of all…”

I insert the knife, slowly inside him, his screams echoed in the room, blood flow out like a stream, I smiled excitingly, before he fallen completely, his expression was painful, and frightened.

“You wish them a good night…”

He was dead.


I stood up, look at the bodies I have killed, all of them were bloody, gory, and beautiful.

“Sweet Nightmare.”


I took the trainee clothes, since it was the only thing fits best for me; white long sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans, after cleaning the blood of my body I put the new clothes on. I took the pistol, the dagger, and of course my signature weapon, the paper knife. On my way out I took the file on the desk in front of the camera monitor, which was my brother’s, Jeffery Carter Anderson, why it was there? I don’t have a clue.

When I escaped the asylum I immediately returned ‘home’, which has been now, just a burned abandoned structure. I broke the car’s window and took the green hoodie that mom brought for Jeff. It fits me, and the only reason I would put it on that’s because Jeff hates green now.

Find my way into the house, I took the empty candy box and a crosses necklace in my room, with a picture that, magically, hasn’t been burned.

When I walked to my family’s cemetery I was surprised to see there was an empty grave with my name on it. I scratched out the name “Loius Maverick.” On it, and carved “Jeffery Carter.”

I tear the half part of my face in the picture, left Jeff there, I wrote a message with my own semen on it, put it in the box, dropped it down there. I don’t care what the file said about him, I just tear it apart, throw it down the pit with a satisfying smile on my face.

I found a wood panel, placed it on the top of the grave, I covered it with dirt as if someone has buried me down there.

I kneel, praying for the soul of my parents-… Margaret and Peter…That was the last time I lived my life as a kitten.

Remember when I was in the hospital thinking what purpose should I live for, yes? Well now I do have a purpose; Jeff.

After all I went through for him, my love, my sacrifice, and he ended up killing me. Oh please, I won’t ever forgive him for that. He made me this way, in to a blood - thirsty monster. Well I’m going to use this very monster to defeat him.

If you are wondering the message I wrote, here is it:

“Dear Jeff.

So this is it huh?
You choose to turned back on me. After what I did for you. Heh, I assumed you though that I’m dead.
Really? You though things gonna be that easy?
You think that you could just told me to go to sleep, stab me till death and run away like a damn pussycat is fucking done?
Well, you are wrong then, son of a bitch. I haven't fall into my slumber.
Because I am now hunting you down, like the kitten you are.
Seeing you, in my arms, dying, choking on your own disgusting semen would be such a pleasure to see, and when my knife rips open your stomach, it would be such joy bathing in blood...
Your blood, Jeff.
Don’t worry, I won’t drink your blood soon, have your fun, do whatever you like, just remember there’d be one day you know the feeling of losing everything you’ve ever know.
That promise, that I’ll find you, remember?
Well hell yes I’m keeping that promise…
I own you, you fucked up kitty cat. Guess that you are too much of an asshole to understand that...
I’m not dead.
And now I'm coming for you...
To put you to your nightmare...and a slumber that will last till forever...”

But of course, I don’t want to spoiled everything.

You can call me like what the others call; Kitten Liu, Cat-Liu, or even Kitty Cat Liu and so on…

But I preferred the name, Liu the revenger.

If you are reading this Jeff, than believe me, I will find you, and I will kill you. I won’t rest until your blood soaks my skin.

There is going to be a chapter two for you and me, brother, and in the end, I am going to win. I’m doing you a favor here, ending your misery and your pain, all of your thought in that rotten fucked up brain of yours.

Jeff the Kitty, I declare war between you and I. Have you laughs, when you see me, that smile of your would be wiped clean of this world, remember that.

Don’t meow, for I am the only one will put an end to this.

So for now, my dear young brother,

Sweet Nightmare.

- Liu the revenger-

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