"Go to Slep" Edit

Jeff suddenly awoke surrounded in a shroud of blackness. Wary of this unknown environment, he slowly arose from his prone position he found himself in. As he stood up, he felt uneasy, an almost palpable sense of suffocation and intense pressure clenched him suddenly.

"W-what the hell is this...?" he fought to inquire. How was it that he ended up here. This unfamiliar place which lacked any form or feature. Jeff began to feel crushed under this pressure. He could no longer stand. Jeff then collapsed to his knees still fighting. However, before his view, the void opened. What he saw, was something only a slep warrior could understand. A tall, large obelisk had decended to the ground from the maw which opened from the void above. Upon the structure many etchings were scrawled into it telling the tales of many other slep warriors through time. As Jeff began to feel as though he would give up the ghost he watched through clenched eyes the bestowing of several more obelisks to follow.

The heroic tales of grandeur of the many slep warriors all were laid out for Jeff, the projenitor, to see. Such tales of Max the slep, Nina the slep, Jane the slep, etc. Some even had the pleasure and blessing of slepping beside Jeff as he was immortal and saw and lived through many generations of slep warriors. Jeff began to cry.

"Why? What is this? What do you want with me?"

The voices of many, the cries of a thousand, answered to Jeff, the original slep warrior, "You are one, yet we are many. Through you we have been born thus we in spirit are none other than your offspring. Without you, we will crumble. You are the pillar upon which we may build and the slep warriors will carry on your dream.

"This is never what I wanted. It was just me!! ME! I wanted to slep! I never cared about any of you! You're all worthless garbage, not worthy of staining my blade!" Jeff spat at the feet of the obelisks.

The obelisks replied, "That's unfortunate. We do not care what you think or say, we merely need you there to birth future generations of slep warriors. As long as you exist in the conscious of few, your children will be many." By the pressure, Jeff then was pushed further down into the blackness. The void was swallowing him and despite struggling... it didn't matter much. Before the darkness could swallow him in the infinite prison void, the obelisks told him, "there's no point in struggling. So, for the time being you should just...


-Nai Remlap

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