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The streets were dark and cold. In the shadows a man in a black cloak walked around, searching for the nearest train to Alaska. He was Jeff the killer! He had recently received a death threat from a mysterious man. It said

"Hello Jeff, I have been watching you for quite some time. I want to kill you. meet me in Alaska, we will settle this"

Jeff wondered who it could be. He stopped and snuck into someone's house. He smelled blood. Who could have beaten him there? Suddenly he had a flash back of his brother crying for mercy as Jeff viciously murdered him.

He got another note. Jeff read it then ran. The bullies survived.

End of act one

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Write the second section of your page here.jeff said i knew it i have to dispose of that moron that DARES CHALLENGE MEEEEEE jeff and his anger issues always blows his cover then a guy walked behind jeff then he got shot with a tranqulizer dart jeff fell to the ground jeff woke up then a man said man this cell is for class a jerks jeff said who are you then the man said im jake aos captured me then jeff saw a crack on the wall jeff had a plan he busted down the walls then him and the man escaped the aos jail then the man said we are gonna go our seprate ways see ya jeff then jeff said see ya around then they walked away

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