Jeff the Killer Wiki

[The following is based on true events.]

Day 1

I thought he wasn't real but I was wrong I lost a lot of people that night, this will scar me forever. It all began on Tuesday, September 10th 2012, me and my friends were setting up the tents for our film were making entitled, "Crow." We were filming in a beautiful valley in New Orleans, we thought the setting was perfect, but we were wrong.

Day 2

We began filming on Monday, September 16th 2012, we were filming the main character being chased by the murderer. After the filming I decided to overview the footage to make sure it was good, I noticed someone I don't remember who was part of our film crew, he had black hair and a greyish whiteish hoodie, then again we had a lot of people working so I must of just forgotten.

Night 1

We had to sleep in our tents because our area had no hotels for 50 miles, and my car didn't have barely any gas left because of the long drive from our hometown. I do recall some strange noises when we were sleeping. After we woke up and ate breakfast that was when it hit me. Someone was killed. I quickly looked to my side to see one of my friends dead I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. I decided to leave the tent. After exiting the tent I saw a dark figure standing, he had messed up hair I remember and a large kitchen knife. He dove after me. I was trying to push him off of me and then I realised I was pushing nothing.

Day 3

I woke up in a car a police car. My hands were painted in red. A question was inside my head the entire time.

"Did I do it?"