I killed my baby brother and now I was looking in the mirror admiring my beautiful black eyes and bloody smile. I decided to make the house look better. I picked up my knife and went to my neighbor Jane's house. I sneaked in and went into her parent's room and got out my knife. I saw that Jane was passed out. I looked at her parents and ran at them with a knife. I killed both of them and took their bodies to my house. I got my killed parents and and Liu, my baby brother. I put Jane's parents in the dining table seat. I put Liu there and my parents too. Then brought Jane, still passed out. She woke up, asking why she's here and why I killed all of them. I said "To make you pretty, or course." I had already dumped gasoline all over the house. I took a match from my pocket and lit it, then threw it on a pile of gasoline. Jane had tried to kill me in the night before, I had sent a box to the hospital, containing the knife she tried to kill me with, a white mask with black lips and black eyeholes, and a letter saying "I thought you'd want this back. Have fun trying to find me." Then I went off, going to a house and killing everyone, then looking in the mirror, admiring my beautiful black eyes and bloody smile.