"Listin, I need you to get out of this house, and I need you to do it now, OKAY!?" Jane said to a man on the ground crying also begging for his life "I aint gonna kill you mate, I just want to kill a ass crack called Jeffrey...or as others know him by, Jeff...the...Killer" Jane siad while also sitting on a dusty  seat "my house is nearly immpossible to get in" the man said. "Yet, I'm here" "I know but you are a...demon" the man said. "No, I'm a human with a dark soul full of revenge...and sorrow now... go" Jane said looking out the window, the man had doubt but he did leave when she told him to. Jane was looking out the window when she noticed a thin guy with a while hoodie almost red "come to me, Jeff the Fool". Jane herd a loud bang like a door, slamming open banging the wall. then she blacked out

Thank you for reading. I am making another story (a follow up from this one, telling you what happend, only if you want to know or not it's you choice in you wanna know)

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