Go to Sleep

He's just at the foot of my bed. Watching me as I lay awake with that malicious smile. He whispers "Go to sleep," then slowly descends down, keeping his eyes locked on mine. I'm too afraid to look away until he's finally out of my sight. I've never been so frightened. I hold my breath, I try not to move. He can be on any side of my bed but if I truly had to guess, I'd guess he's under it. I just have to stay alert the whole night, and I can't fall asleep, no matter how exhausted I am. If I try to jump off my bed I wonder if I could make it... but...

The alarm rings out and I stir. I'm confused... what happened last night? Then it hits me, "I fell asleep!" and I sit up abruptly.

His eyes are the last things I'll ever see...

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Screencap on /x/

I posted it on /x/ and I have a screencap of it right there.
If you need anything else just tell me, I'm new to this thing.

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