So my name is Alex, as you probably know. I am 29, but someone as you most likely know is possessing me. That's all I have to say about my self

So one day I was walking down the street and saw a girl her name was Raven Black, a very lesser known Slenderman proxy.

Most don't know her but I do. So I was trying to sleep when Jeff said to me in my mind (he is possessing me) "Alex give me your body." At first I said no, but he said "I will let you keep your sanity and I will only have control of your body." So I said "Eh what the hell why not?" Then I felt a sharp pain and fainted. I kind of wake up but not in my control in Jeff's control. Raven was looking for two other Slenderman proxies, Ticci Toby, and Masky. She said "They are in hell." There was a hole to hell, so we went to the hole and went to hell. We saw something and it held up the place and I didn't know it was a trap so I said "On 3 run just in case" "1 2 3," I said and touched it then the place starts caving it self in and we get out in time. How do I know all this? Jeff tells me everything or I see it. But then we found them and I throw Jeff's spirit out of me and ran. He never found me again. But then that's when I started killing. I killed people and said "It's okay shhhh." Then I kill them. I picked them off one by one. Then I even I carved into my mouth and a big scar was left. So it has gone on for years now. So one night in my house I saw Logan, a friend of mine. He said, "Alex I know we were friends and all but your killing spree has gone far to long." Then he did something stupid, and tried to stab me with my own knife. But I surprised him and kicked him in the ribs hard, and there was a loud crack which was his bones. Then my advantage came and I grabbed the knife and stabbed into his heart. I told him before I stabbed "Logan I'm partially sorry but you tried to kill me so now you have to die."

Now today I'm in a blood stained red hoodie and red mask over my face which looks like it has no eye holes. It has a smile and a frown for the mouth. Don't do anything stupid around me or else. -Alex

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